President Paul Kagame

PresKagamequotes‏ @Kagame_quotes Jan 31

"Nous n’avons pas l’intention de décevoir quiconque, à commencer par nous-mêmes. Le Président #Kagame

PresKagamequotes‏ @Kagame_quotes 27 Jun 2016

"In 1995, they referred to us as a small and failed state.....we refused to fail and to be small ! Idea or ideology cant be small" HE Kagame

PresKagamequotes‏ @Kagame_quotes 3 Jul 2016

"On the 4th of July in 1994, the darkest chapter in our history was brought to a close, and life could begin anew" HE #Kagame #Kwibohora22

PresKagamequotes‏ @Kagame_quotes Ep 20

"I spent half of my life in trenches, fighting for rights no human rights organizations could give to me, then or now" President #Kagame

PresKagamequotes‏ @Kagame_quotes Sep 25

"Corruption is not African, it’s just corruption. In fact, in Africa when corruption occurs, it involves non-Africans" President #Kagame

PresKagamequotes‏ @Kagame_quotes Sep 13

#Rwanda will accept the truth in the archives declassified by #France after ensuring that they are not "sorted or falsified" Pres #Kagame

PresKagamequotes‏ @Kagame_quotes Sep 10

"Ubuyobozi burategurwa, ntabwo buterwa hejuru ngo ufite imbaraga abusame" President Kagame

PresKagamequotes‏ @Kagame_quotes Jul 12

I don’t like relations between #Rwanda & #Israel to immediately attract interpretation, that Rwanda is siding with Israel against Palestine

PresKagamequotes‏ @Kagame_quotes 20 Dec 2015

"We are not afraid of our past, we are optimistic about our future" President #Kagame #Umushyikirano2015

Paul Kagame‏Verified account @PaulKagame Mar 2

We must not underestimate the energy required to do what it takes to get good results for the Rwandans we work for #Umwiherero

Paul Kagame‏Verified account @PaulKagame Mar 2

Rwanda’s context and ambitions demand extraordinary efforts and tireless follow-through of all leaders #Umwiherero

PresKagamequotes‏ @Kagame_quotes Feb 13

"Ubukene ni umuturanyi mubi, ntawifuza kubana nawe" Perezida #Kagame #KwegeraAbaturage

PresKagamequotes‏ @Kagame_quotes Feb 7

"It is a privilege and a duty to serve #Rwanda, not an entitlement" President #Kagame

PresKagamequotes‏ @Kagame_quotes Feb 3

#Rwanda may have lost its past, but it’s currently regaining its future. President #Kagame

PresKagamequotes‏ @Kagame_quotes 30 Apr 2016

#Umuganda is about work but it is also a message that we are Rwandans who aim to develop ourselves" President #Kagame

PresKagamequotes‏ @Kagame_quotes 15 Dec 2015

"What we want to stand for will define our well being in the near and distant future" President #Kagame #RwandansDecide