Organizational structure

The organs of Unity Club are :

• The General Assembly
• The Executive Committee
• The Commissions
• The Secretariat

V.1. General Assembly

The General Assembly is the supreme organ of Unity Club. It is composed of all effective members of Unity Club. The General Assembly meeting is held twice a year and extraordinary sessions are settled whenever necessary.

V.2. Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is headed by The First Lady of Rwanda and comprises the 1st and 2nd Vice Chairpersons, Treasurer, Secretary General and Heads of Commissions, voted by the General Assembly among the effective members, for a period of two years renewable twice.
The Executive Committee meets four times a year for ordinary sessions, and meets for extraordinary sessions whenever needed.

V.3. Commissions

The Executive Committee is assisted by four commissions :

• Planning and Economic Commission
• Advocacy Commission
• Mobilization Commission
• Social Affairs Commission

V.4. The Secretariat

The Secretariat comprises of administrative and technical departments headed by the Executive Secretary. The secretariat is currently composed of :

• Executive Secretary, appointed by the Executive Committee
• Program Officer
• Administrative Assistant

Internal audit and control functions are performed by the treasurer. External audit is carried out once a year.

Unity Club may have additional and supportive staff.