Organizational structure

The organs of Unity Club are : • The General Assembly • The Executive Committee • The Commissions • The Secretariat V.1. General Assembly The General Assembly is the supreme organ of Unity Club. It is composed of all effective members of Unity Club. The General Assembly meeting is held twice a year and extraordinary (...)

Posted on : 25/11/2010

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Vision and Mission

VISION :Creating a forum where members and other Rwandans are inspired to develop proactive dialogue, productive network and mutual responsibility to address social problems and participate in Rwanda’s development. MISSION UNITY CLUB has for mission to enhance unity and peace as the roots of a sustainable development in (...)

Posted on : 16/10/2010

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UNITY CLUB is an organization founded on February 28th 1996 by women spouses of Cabinet Members and women Cabinet Ministers as effective members. UNITY CLUB was created with the aim of promoting unity while contributing to the socio-economic development of the country that following the 1994 genocide. Unity Club members (...)

Posted on : 15/10/2010

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The Unity Club’s objectives

• To significantly contribute to the promotion of unity among Rwandans and social development in general. • To bring together former, current cabinet members and their spouses to build a better Rwanda through the power of sharing and interaction. • To continually foster collaboration and create a platform for open dialogue (...)

Posted on : 25/09/2010

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Welcome to the Unity Club website

I warmly welcome you to our website. First, let me introduce to you our Club that has built a rich profile as a forum where current and former Rwandan leaders and their spouses are able to network and collaborate to address community issues. Our Club prides itself in its ability to create social cohesion among its members (...)

Posted on : 30/06/2010

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